The Kulows

It has to begin somewhere...
Michael and I met through San Diego Volleyball club.  My youngest sister, Alycia was a player for Michael for the 2005/2006 season.  Being the supportive big sister (aka - had no life) that I was I attended most of Alycia's volleyball practices and games.  I watched Michael from the sidelines... I also watched my sister!  After almost a whole year of "collecting" information of Michael I decided that I would attend the SDVBC's annual casino night fundraiser, knowing that Michael would be there.  One evening at practice, I had mentioned that I was going to be attending the upcoming Casino Night and Michael made a comment about my age, and not being sure if I could attend.  I had to inform him that I was over 21 years old and that I would be there.  May 13th, 2006 was the beginning of a casual courting.  Not wanting to have other players or parents assuming that Alycia was getting more playtime due to our budding relationship we kept our interactions email based.  
On June 16, 2006 Michael and I went on our first date.  We spent hours chatting - we even closed the restaurant that we had met at and continued our chatting in the parking lot.  I remember that when I came home from that date, my mom was of course waiting up for me and asked, "So?"  I simply said, "He will be around for a while."  Little did I know that, that first date would be my last fist date.
In September our fate was sealed.  With the news of a baby on its way, Michael said that he couldn't imagine not being around me.  We were engaged the end of September and began planning wedding.
On November 12, 2007 in a small vineyard in Escondido, California, Michael Frank Kulow and Andrea Lynne Dion Potter said "I do" in front of ninety friends and family.
Thus began the journey of becoming best friends, parents, and forever family!
Michael and I lived in San Diego until July of 2008 when we relocated as a family to Littleton, Colorado.  California was my home, where my family lives - but the move to Colorado has proved to be the best thing for our marriage, our family and an every day blessing - I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom for our three boys while Michael works with his dad and a good friend from San Diego.
This has all led to me life of "Never Dull".