Monday, May 21, 2012


Yes I know that I already told you that we moved... however now it is our family blog that has moved... New Kulow Family Website and Blog

Monday, May 7, 2012

Catch Up

Well... things have been ubber crazy.  We closed on our house on the 13th of April.  We had to have the whole house replumbed, that started on the 16th of April and went until the 19th.  I picked up my dad from the airport the night of the 19th.  My mom flew in on the 21st.  We had movers on the 22nd... my parents watched the boys so that Michael and I could take of the the movers and such.  I took my parents to the airport on the 23rd in the afternoon.  Riah wound up with a nasty virus and we wound up in the emergency room the night of the 23rd and stayed at "hotel" Swedish through the 25th of April.  Then that Friday the 27th the other two boys got sick with high fevers and such.  That weekend was spent getting the rest of our stuff out of the old house and moved over to the new house and late nights of me cleaning the house.  Monday the 30th I had to get the keys to the rental company by noon and needless to say that did not happen.  A flat tire prevented me getting it there.  A midday two hour visit to our local auto repair shop was a "fun" way to spend my day with three tired, hot and hungry boys.  Needless to say when May 1st came all I wanted to do was sit in our new house with no plans... and that was what we did. 
We have officially been in our new house for one week and I love it.  Granted the heap of stuff to do is slightly overwhelming but it is our home.  Someone asked me this week if I am all moved in and I just chuckled.  Yes, all of our possessions are on this premises... boxes occupy the garage.  There are a few pictures on the walls but that was because I got a little stir crazy one afternoon.  Michael and I are both completion people and not process people.  The process is a little daunting and can drag on... I am having to find peace in the process right now. 
Thankfully, Michael is taking his final tonight for his class.  Ki is done with school next Wednesday and then we face summer time here.  I am hoping that once our schedule slows down a little we might be able to tackle some of the projects that will help me to feel more like we are living here rather than occupying. 
I am pretty easy when it comes to that... Michael's cousin will be building me a panty next week which will help a little since I have four pantry locations... the linen closet, the office, the living room and the very small pantry in the kitchen.  I have a fridge in my living room because our old one from the other house did not fit so it is sitting in the living room while it sits on craigslist for a new owner.  I have a few shelves that need to be put up and then I think I will feel like I can make it more homey and ours... 
Well I have to run, I have a bathroom to clean and then off to pick up Ki from school. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Owners

Phew!  Well after a forty five day escrow I can finally let the cat out of the bag... The Kulow family own their very first home!  YEAH!  I am very happy.  There were a few times during this whole process that I thought we would wind up homeless, in fact even this morning that thought crossed my mind.  A lot of thoughts and prayers went up and as of 12:30pm we now own a home. 
We are all very excited about the fact that we own a home and the great thing too is that it is less than a mile from where we have lived for the last three and a half years.  Which means that Zeke will be able to go to the school that I have enrolled him in, we are able to shop at the same grocery stores and everything is still very familiar.  I am very happy about all of those items. 
Michael actually took today off and once we had the keys his trip to Home Depot began.  The boys are laying down for their nap and Michael has a list a mile long as he hits Home Depot for the first of many trips.
Well, now all my pinterest pins will come in handy.  Lots of work ahead of us!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Upcycled Hubby's T-Shirt

Complements of Pinterest... I had seen a post where some one took their hubby's old t-shirt and made a skirt out of it and I was inspired.  Michael had a few shirts that I bought him a while back that never fit him right, either too tight on his arms or too short in the waist.  They have been sitting on the back of my office chair for a while now and just today I decided to try my hand at making a skirt.  Granted I am not a seamstress like my grandma and I do not follow directions well so I just began cutting and sewing.  I will first state that the first skirt did not turn out well at all and wound up being my trail.  After messing around with it a little more I began on the second shirt I had. 
I did not document the process because like I said, I was a wing'in it.  So I will try my very best to describe what I did and see if that helps...
I took my husband's shirt and cut it off from the armpits, leaving the shirt design on the top portion.  I took the sleeves from the shirt and cut them off, those became the top band of the skirt.  The bottom portion of the shirt was sewn with the loosest tension possible to make gathers.  Once the top portion was gathered I took the sleeves and sewed them together to make a band.  Then I took the gathered shirt and the top band and sewed them together.  I did not do any thing fancy and quiet honestly it looks a little sad at the top however I wear long shirts so it will be covered... right?!?!  ;-)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy Week

It seems like weeks go by faster than I can even think to keep up with.  This week was no exception.  Monday we had rain, Tuesday we had snow, Wednesday it was in the high forties, Thursday it was sunny and mid sixties and Friday it was seventy.  Monday was spent house cleaning, Tuesday spent laying around the house watching movies, Wednesday was spent running errands... school, speech and such, Thursday was MOPS and Friday the boys and I took a little road trip to visit Granny Joan (Michael's mom). 
On to another crazy busy week, but taking a few minutes to show and tell through pictures...