Thursday, June 30, 2011

Name Change

Well it's official I am going to change Zechariah's nick name.  I have been contemplating it for a while but I made the final choice last week.  I was talking with some friends and they were saying how much they love all three of our boys names and then the nick names for Ezekiel and Malachi they love because they are unusual, then there is Zach.  I had thought about changing it before but wasn't sure how Michael would feel about it, Michael agrees having a Zeke and a Zach are kind of confusing so he is on board.  So... Zechariah's nick name will now be Riah.  There was so talk about it sounding kind of like a girl's name but my thought is that with two older brothers he will not have to worry about being teased!  Here is my little man Riah.

Escaping the heat

Okay, I will admit this for everyone to read... I am a heat wimp!  I used to not be but ever since we moved to CO I have become so accustomed to the cooler temps that anything above 90 and I feel like I might melt.  This past weekend was the beginning of a heat wave and so some friends of ours and us headed for the hills, Breckenridge to be exact.  Oh, it was so nice, while it was 90 in town it was 72 there.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Visitor

This past weekend my best friend from elementary school flew in for a quick visit.  Sarah and I met in fifth grade in San Diego and through all these years, states and countries we have remained best friends.  When I was in elementary school my mom had said to me, "You better hold onto that friend.  Very few people get a best friend and even fewer keep them over years."  Well I listened to my mom... the last time Sarah and I saw each other was when she was getting married in July of 2007.  Thankfully over all these years and miles we can still pick up right where we left off and enjoy each others company.  Our visit was full of entertaining my three munchkins, Sarah was happy to join in!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last of the First

Michael & I when we were dating
Today marks five years to the day that Michael and I have been together... On June 15, 2006 Michael and I had our first date... our last first date!  I distinctly remember coming home from that last first date and talking with my mom who was waiting up for me.  She asked me, "Soooo?"  I very simply said, "He is going to be around for a while."  Little did I know what that meant on that night, however five years later here we are! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011


To my fellow SAHM and those that know us...

Over the hills and through the woods...

To Granny's House We Went...
Last Thursday the boys and I packed up the car and took a little road trip to visit Michael's mom out in Buena Vista.  We had a day full of dirt, rocks, tree climbing and sunshine - all in all a boy's dream day!
Zeke spent most of the day in this aspen tree.

Zach was done with my picture taking... I did not pose this one, he did it himself and it was just too funny!

The boys made a fort under the tree but the shading was too much to get a good picture so this is just them sitting in front of their fort.

Zeke and Ki went asparagus hunting and came back with two sprigs.

Granny and the gang

Zach telling Granny all about life in the Kulow house.

A wiped out little boy

Ki loved being to roam around.  He was often venturing out by himself!



I know the picture is not the best but I would not resist... the shirt and the face are a contradiction.  Ki started to melt down after a long day of playing with no nap towards the end he was having a rough time.

A little tickling and my happy Ki guy was back for what is one of my most favorite shots of the two of us!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Days

With the weather being as hot as it has been we have taken up making popsicles.  Yesterday after naptime the older boys and I enjoyed some cherry grape popsicles on the front porch.

Stock Up and Save

There seems to be a "coupon craze" going on right now... not only on television (the TLC show) but also among a lot of my friends.  I am not a coupon shopper.  That being said, I am however a deal shopper!  I find that we stock up to save.  For those of you that shop this way, Safeway is the place to be right now!  Today I spent $150 in groceries and saved $71.  I purchased all things that we use on a regular basis but just a lot of it... gatorades, popcorn, sobe, crackers (I also got some great deals on meat)... I did not hit all the isles because I knew what I needed and I was shopping with three little ones but of the isles I did hit most of the items were buy 8 and save or buy two and get a third for free.  Thankfully my husband converted our down stairs office into a storage room for me so not only do I have a large pantry in the kitchen I have the down stairs storage room for all my overflow items.  We do shop at Costco once a month and get items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, bread, juice, butter, eggs, and snacks.  All my other shopping is done at Target, Sunflower Market and Safeway.
If you are in need of some stock and save deals, hit up Safeway... you won't be disappointed!

Thankful Heart

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted on her facebook status a quote that has stuck with me...
"What if you wake up today with only the things that you thanked God for yesterday?"  
Needless to say it was a very powerful thought and it has "haunted" me in a good way for the last few weeks.  Today was one of those days that as life was going by I was able to sit and really think of some of the things that I am truly thankful for.  I am a blessed girl!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Cute!

Summer Days

I have a true love for summer... there is something to be said about summer picnic lunches, fresh melon juice running down your arms, the smell of sun screen mixed with chlorine and long naps after a day full of sun!