Monday, April 9, 2012

Upcycled Hubby's T-Shirt

Complements of Pinterest... I had seen a post where some one took their hubby's old t-shirt and made a skirt out of it and I was inspired.  Michael had a few shirts that I bought him a while back that never fit him right, either too tight on his arms or too short in the waist.  They have been sitting on the back of my office chair for a while now and just today I decided to try my hand at making a skirt.  Granted I am not a seamstress like my grandma and I do not follow directions well so I just began cutting and sewing.  I will first state that the first skirt did not turn out well at all and wound up being my trail.  After messing around with it a little more I began on the second shirt I had. 
I did not document the process because like I said, I was a wing'in it.  So I will try my very best to describe what I did and see if that helps...
I took my husband's shirt and cut it off from the armpits, leaving the shirt design on the top portion.  I took the sleeves from the shirt and cut them off, those became the top band of the skirt.  The bottom portion of the shirt was sewn with the loosest tension possible to make gathers.  Once the top portion was gathered I took the sleeves and sewed them together to make a band.  Then I took the gathered shirt and the top band and sewed them together.  I did not do any thing fancy and quiet honestly it looks a little sad at the top however I wear long shirts so it will be covered... right?!?!  ;-)