Saturday, June 11, 2011

Over the hills and through the woods...

To Granny's House We Went...
Last Thursday the boys and I packed up the car and took a little road trip to visit Michael's mom out in Buena Vista.  We had a day full of dirt, rocks, tree climbing and sunshine - all in all a boy's dream day!
Zeke spent most of the day in this aspen tree.

Zach was done with my picture taking... I did not pose this one, he did it himself and it was just too funny!

The boys made a fort under the tree but the shading was too much to get a good picture so this is just them sitting in front of their fort.

Zeke and Ki went asparagus hunting and came back with two sprigs.

Granny and the gang

Zach telling Granny all about life in the Kulow house.

A wiped out little boy

Ki loved being to roam around.  He was often venturing out by himself!



I know the picture is not the best but I would not resist... the shirt and the face are a contradiction.  Ki started to melt down after a long day of playing with no nap towards the end he was having a rough time.

A little tickling and my happy Ki guy was back for what is one of my most favorite shots of the two of us!