Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stock Up and Save

There seems to be a "coupon craze" going on right now... not only on television (the TLC show) but also among a lot of my friends.  I am not a coupon shopper.  That being said, I am however a deal shopper!  I find that we stock up to save.  For those of you that shop this way, Safeway is the place to be right now!  Today I spent $150 in groceries and saved $71.  I purchased all things that we use on a regular basis but just a lot of it... gatorades, popcorn, sobe, crackers (I also got some great deals on meat)... I did not hit all the isles because I knew what I needed and I was shopping with three little ones but of the isles I did hit most of the items were buy 8 and save or buy two and get a third for free.  Thankfully my husband converted our down stairs office into a storage room for me so not only do I have a large pantry in the kitchen I have the down stairs storage room for all my overflow items.  We do shop at Costco once a month and get items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, bread, juice, butter, eggs, and snacks.  All my other shopping is done at Target, Sunflower Market and Safeway.
If you are in need of some stock and save deals, hit up Safeway... you won't be disappointed!