Sunday, February 27, 2011

Due Date

Six weeks early... Thursday was Zach's due date.  It is weird to think about the fact that March 3rd was Zach's due date and for the last six weeks I have had the privilege of seeing him.  Not that I have ever seen a due date... Zeke's due date was May 5, 2007 and came four weeks early on April 15, 2007, Ki's due date was May 5, 2009 and came two weeks early on April 29, 2009.  Not that a single due date has been made, however being that Zach's was so far from his birthday there is a sense of something special in my mind for this week.  This week rather than having a baby I am going to the doctor for my six week check up post delivery.  Time sure has flown by... granted not in the daily grind of everything, but in remembrance of the time that has passed.