Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots happening

Yes, it is true, I have been absent from blogging as I have been very absent minded as well!  I feel like the last two weeks have been a blur. 

We got a good snow storm that came through town and brought a good amount of snow.  We went from 60 degrees to below freezing in a matter of two days and then got about fifteen inches of snow.  Needless to say Zeke and Ki were in heaven... so was Michael!  Michael made a big sled once again for the boys and even convinced me to get out on the tube a few times.
Zeke rolled this all by himself, he began at one corner of the yard and rolled it all the way to the other side.  After he had rolled it and it was too big to be rolled anymore he climbed on top of it and played king of the snow ball!

Ki has discovered that the snow is not all that bad.  He loves to hang out in the back yard shoveling snow off the patio.

Zeke headed down the ramp that Michael made.

Silly Zeke, loving the snow!
After one month of traveling back and forth to visit our newest addition - Zechariah got to come home!  February 19th Zach got to come home and join the rest of the family.  Let me begin by saying that having Zach home is so nice.  I think that he too enjoys being home.  Saturday night I think he realized that he was home, he just wanted to be snuggled!  Ahhh - getting to snuggle my baby is so nice.  While in the hospital we were limited to our snuggle time, in the beginning we could only place our hands on his head and feet, then we could hold him for ten minutes every three hours and towards the end we could hold him for thirty minutes after his every three hour feedings.  Now that he is home there are no rules... I can snuggle him all I want!  Today Zach got to meet his pediatrician.  Zach weighed in at 6 pounds and 14.6 ounces, in one month's time he went from 5 pounds to nearly 7!  Our next hurtle will be to have a cordless baby.  Zach is on supplemental oxygen and will most likely be on it for another month or two.  I mentioned to Michael how nice it will be to have a cordless baby and he said, "In this day and age you would think they had wireless babies!"  LOL!  Soon I know!
Zach getting a bath

Tiny hand holding mommy's ring
Michael's sister Missi and her family came to visit us from Alaska.  It was so nice to see them again as the last time we had seen then was two years ago.  Unfortunately I was not thinking "picture opportunities" so I only got two pictures the entire time they were here.  I know that Missi got a few pictures of the entire family this past Friday.  On Friday the four of us headed out to Michael's dad's house as Missi and her family was there and Alisha and her family... so for the first time in over fifteen years all of Mark's kids were in the same room with all their families.  I look forward to seeing those pictures!
Zeke and Izzi

Cousins... Ki, Zeke and Izzi
Other news... Today Zeke had a speech evaluation and it was decided that our insurance will now pay for speech therapy for him!  This has been a year battle of ours, we first tried insurance and was turned down, then we went to ChildFind and at the end of December we pulled him from that program and we were feeling like we were lost.  At the end of January Zeke's occupational therapist called the speech evaluator that first saw Zeke through insurance in April of 2010 and requested that she re-evaluate him.  Now almost a year later - Zeke will now be able to get some help for his speech!

Today I am feeling so grateful!  My family of five all under one roof!  Zach is growing big and strong!  Zeke is going to be getting speech help!  I have a wonderful husband!  I am blessed by my friends here in Colorado who have poured out love and support these past four weeks.  I have an awesome church family and a pastor who in this past week has spoken on two occasions right to me!

God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!