Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random thoughts

I am so glad that we have had this frigid cold weather, it gives me a good excuse for not leaving the house and just be lazy.
I love the fact that some of zeke's favorite movies are, The Sandlot and Back to the Future... Movies that I can actually tolerate.
I am wondering if speech therapy for Ki was the best idea, this kids has not stopped talking all day long.
I will be so happy once all five of us are under the same roof. I hate having my baby in another place and also hate that Michael and I are running back and forth from home to hospital.
I will be so glad once this crud leaves our house... It is nothing big, but just the body aches and the sore throat. Been a little under the weather the last two days, therefore I declared today a movie day, and have hold true all day!
I am so excited for my sister and her family to come and visit... Down to single digit days, Missi, Wes and Izzi fly in on Saturday. It will be nice to snuggle with little Izzi.
I am hoping the my little guy will be able to come home by the middle of next week. Zach is doing really well, he is in a crib, out of the incubator and is scarfing his bottles.
Been thinking that with this cold weather I should do some baking... Thinking is about all I have done. Nothing has been made in the last three days, but I keep mentally preparing for it.
I have completed all of Zach's laundry and put it all away in the drawers. Talked with the nurse this morning and she said that there is no need to purchase premie clothes because he is growing really fast, the just born clothes may be baggy for a few days but he will soon fill them out.
So in the last week I signed up to sell Uppercase Living and Initials. If you are in need of either let me know... Both are great as it is all about you... You get to personalize it all!
Been having some serious cravings the last week... My oven just finished warming up my latest craving of spanikopia... So. Off I go to devour the entire tray!