Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch Up

I feel like it has been a really long time since I sat down to write!  
Sakes alive is just about all I have to say! 
I started this post a few days ago and I here I sit with only a few sentences down thus far.  Where to begin is the key though... as to not bore you all and still get all the details of the last few weeks...  Ummmm.
Baby Zach is doing great.  He is growing big and chubby, of which I love.  We have run into some troubles with his insurance so until April first we are without.  I weighed him last weekend and he was nine pounds and four ounces.  I am sure that he has grown since then but since he is sleeping I come from the school of... do not wake a sleeping baby.  So for now we will go with the fact that he has nearly doubled his weight in the little over two months he was been around.  Sundays are bath days here for him which means that I take off his oxygen and honestly yesterday he was doing so well without it that I left him off for almost five hours.  When I had to put it back on due to a little gray around the lips he was pissed.  I think he really enjoyed being with out his tube.  He is eating really well.  One frustration of mine is that he prefers the bottle over breast... which leads into my next topic.
Since Zach came home from the hospital I have been struggling with bonding with him.  I think part of this struggle was due to the fact that he was in the hospital and then came home with a tank and tubes and he wasn't allowed to breast feed for a while.  My baby blues set in really hard at one point and I really struggled with life in general.  After talking my feelings out with Michael, my mom and a very understanding cousin I began on the road of feeling better.  At a recent doctor's appointment I explained my struggles and she further encouraged me.  Now on the road to recovery and not feeling like such a cloud is over my head I am feeling better.  
Among the many doctor appointments that I have had since having Zach it was discovered that I have some abnormal cells on my cervix.  I will be going in on Wednesday to have those removed and hopefully will be free and clear of any troubles as far as that goes.  
During my bout with baby blues I realized that I do very little things for myself.  I have for the last three years specifically classified myself as wife and mom, and not that either of those titles are wrong or negative, however I realized that there is more to me than just those titles.  So one late night feed with Zach I spent some time cruising the internet and found myself on a website called Etsy.  The website is full of cute crafts and homemade items.  I found myself intrigued by it all and then there was a part of me that kept saying, "I could do that".  I ignored those voices for a little while and then I could silence them no longer.  Last week I purchased a few craft items and I found myself feeling a new spark of life.  I could create.  I could cultivate that craft person inside myself and do it just for me!  I then thought about the fact that I could try and sell some of my creations and that brought me back to the before mentioned website.  So here I sit at my desk which has been transformed into a craft central.  I have a bunch of headbands, hair clips, and scarves that I have made laying around me and my heart is content.  Yesterday I had my first sale which only sparked that part of me a little more (the sale was to my neighbor but still - a sale none the less).
I can't remember if I mentioned the following so I will put it in for the sake of it any way... back in February Ezekiel's OT mentioned that she was talking with the Speech Evaluator that he saw almost a year ago and was mentioning that Zeke's speech had not really improved.  The Speech Evaluator then called me and asked to see Zeke again.  So the end of February Zeke and I went in for another evaluation and at that time the SLP said that Zeke now qualifies for insurance to pay for therapy.  So the last month has been spent trying to get all the paperwork in for that and now we are just waiting for the SLP to get back from vacation to schedule his first appointment.
Ki on the other hand has been receiving speech therapy for almost six months now and the first week of April is his re-evaluation time.    We have seen some huge strides in the language development area for him and it is really exciting.  Although one thing that we have seen in his ability to talk is his ability to talk back... grrrr!  I guess I will have to take the bad with the good!
In regards to family news... a few of my friends have recently purchased their first homes and I was feeling a little pity party one day and so I asked my friend flat out some personal financial questions followed with, "How can you afford a house... are you selling drugs?"  Joking of course she explained some home buying information with me.  I later that night sat down with Michael and together we decided that we are willing to make some compromises... We both hate moving and have always said that the next move we make will be into the house that we can raise our boys in.  Well after that night we decided that might be an impossible thought and if we are able to get into a house that would be less than our rent and allow us to pay off our small amount of debt faster than that might be a better option.  So two weeks ago we made a list of things that we would compromise on and things we would not, we listed out the bare minimum requirements that we had and then started looking at the MLS listings.  Last week we went to our bank and brought in all our information and we are supposed to be hearing back this week about what we can get pre-qualified for - fingers crossed!
Well I think that just about covers it all from this end!  I better get going so I can get a little cat nap before the afternoon craziness begins.