Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great Day

Today is what great days are made of...
Slept in this morning until 8:30am... Michael woke up earlier and took care of the two older boys.  After a quick breakfast Michael took Zeke and Ki to the bank and Home Depot.  Little did we know that today was craft day at Home Depot so the boys got to make a wooden race car.  While they were gone Zach and I hung out.  I changed the sheets on the beds and then just snuggled with Zach.  Michael brought the boys home and then he and Zeke left for a special day.  Michael took Zeke to the RV show in town while Ki and I spent some time together.  Ki and I ate lunch together and then we laid down for a two hour nap.  We woke up from our nap and fed Zach and played with Zach until he fell back to sleep.  Once Zach was back to sleep Ki and I spent some time wrestling and racing cars.  Michael came home with Zeke and brought us all dinner.  After dinner the boys showered.  Right now I am sitting here at the dinner table sipping a cup of chai tea and everyone is snuggled on the couch watching television. 
A great day indeed!