Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did it!

Today was my first day of going out with all three boys all by myself... And I survived. The plan was not to be on my own with all three boys but Michael's work load changed today. The plan was that Michael would stay home with Zach while I took Zeke to preschool and Ki and I would go to MOPS then after Zeke was done with school I would take him to his OT appointment and Ki would come too. This morning as I woke up and heard Michael in the closet getting dressed you can imagine my surprise. Michael informs me that he was leaving for work, when questioned he said that he thought he told me about the change. When he left I was bummed and thought... Well there goes the day! I called Michael and asked him if I could go about my day as planned and just add Zach into the maddness. So at eight it was set, I had to leave the house with all three boys and we had to be out the door in thirty five minutes! I did it! I packed lunches for the boys, got everything together for Zach, repacked the diaper bag for all three boys and we were out the door at 8:45am. I got Zeke in his class for preschool, Ki in his MOPS class and Zach and I made it to MOPS. I did it all by myself. We got home from all our stuff today at 2:45pm... A long day but we did it, Zeke was a huge helper, Ki was a trooper like always and Zach did awesome for his first time out and about!