Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I spent almost two hours dealing with idiots and it was a clear reminder of why I love being a stay at home mom.  My encounters with idiots are very limited of which I am soooo glad.  Today was one of those encounters however!  UGH! 
I spent two hours trying to get insurance issues resolved.  I realize that people do not go out of their ways to be idiots and I know that people are just trying to do their jobs... but sakes, some people suck at their jobs!  As a law abiding citizen, who follows speed limits, pays my taxes, and supports the local and national government why is it that I get the short end of the sticks all the time? 
My first issues were with Zach's insurances... when he was born we were on one insurance the day after I delivered him I called in to announce his arrival to three different companies.  It took those three companies a month before the all talked to communicate that in fact there was a birth.  Now I am dealing with trying to figure out who is responsible for his bills... I know it is not me!  With three different insurance companies someone should be paying the bills.  Then there are the companies that provided services to Zach who can not figure out that there was insurance so they are not submitting to insurance and are getting grumpy with me.  If people would just do their stinking jobs!!!
Then there is another issue that dates back to 2008 for me!  While we were applying for our house loan we were notified that there was a negative on my credit report.  Come to find out in March of 2008 I went to urgent care and they never submit my bill to insurance.  Did they contact me?  No!  The original urgent care sent my account to collections.  Did collections contact me?  No!  I had to find out about the problem as we are applying for a home loan.  Now I am trying to track everything down... I had insurance during the time of service.  The Urgent care never sent a claim to insurance.  The urgent care will not talk with me because the sent my account to collections.  UGH!  What is a person to do? 
After all my phone calls and such I feel drained and discouraged.  I can't wait to curl up in bed and sleep away my frustrations, although I fear that I will think about it all night since I am so worked up about it.  UGH!