Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Time

Summer time is here!  Our trip to San Diego kicked off our summer this year and here we are only in the first week of summer break and I am already searching the web for free/cheap summer entertainment.  Thought I would pass along some of the things we will be doing here and maybe you can join us or find the same things in your area.
The first thing is the pool... ours opens this weekend and I will be signing up the boys for swim lessons.  We will be hanging out at Deer Creek Pool.
Through our recreation district there are summer concerts that are offered.  I am going to try and make it to a few of these at Clement Park.
Then for those hot summer days there are a few options as well...
The boys and I will, I am sure make it to a few of the summer movies.
I also just signed up the boys for summer bowling.
Then on top of all that stuff my MOPS group is hosting weekly park playdates at various local parks on Thursdays... with that being said, we have to get going to our first summer park playdate!
Hope that you have a great day!