Monday, May 9, 2011


Yep, that is pretty much what I am calling!  I think that I should get a Mother's Day Mulligan.  Yesterday started off nice... just hanging around the house with the three little munchkins that make me mommy.  After trying to get Ki to nap we decided to just head out in hopes that he would fall asleep in the car (no such luck if you were wondering!).  We headed up to Michael's office so that he could try to get his computer fixed (no such luck if you were wondering!).  After about a half an hour of hanging out at the office we came down to my car to find a large puddle under it... since it was hot the air conditioner was on and so we assumed it was just that (no such luck if you were wondering!).  A quarter of a mile down the hill my car lost traction and we pulled over as it was overheating.  Michael poured all the water bottles that we had full of water in hoping to cool the car down (no such luck it you were wondering!).  After a few tries we ended up about two miles from the office with a car that was overheated sitting on the side of the highway with three kids and 80 degree temperatures.  Michael realizing that he was not going to be able to get the car fixed had me call triple A.  I was told that we would have to wait for 75 minutes before a truck could come and get us because we were a family of five and there are only three seats in each truck so they would have to dispatch two trucks and they were really busy!  Desperation set in and Michael began trying everything he could to get the car to cool down... a trip down the side of the road to a stream brought back some cold water that he used to put in the pump.  After about forty minutes we were back on the road.  We made it home and Michael immediately took my car to our local repair shop and left it in the parking lot for this morning.  Michael rented a car for me and the plan was that my car would get fixed in a day and we would be back in business.  Well I spent my day driving in a mini van (not my favorite thing to drive, in fact I swore years ago that I would never drive one and today I had to eat my words).  My car is still in the shop and we are hoping that by tomorrow afternoon it will finally be done.  I will say that there was one good thing that came out of the whole ordeal... the warranty covered my car being fixed, which is a good thing since Michael had to buy a new computer today!  So as you can see... Mulligan!