Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Warning... the cynic in me will be present in this post!
I suppose that is not the best first line when it comes to saying "Happy Valentines Day".  My husband and oldest son got into a little discussion last night it went something like this... "Dad, you did nothing for mom for Valentines day!"  "Well Zeke if I did my job well the rest of the year then Valentines day is just another day."  To which Michael looked at my and smiled and said, "Right, honey?"  To the sentiment I agree!
I grew up in a house where Valentines day was not really a big deal.  My dad would bring home a little something for us girls some years and others he wouldn't.  One year sticks out particularly in my head... My dad came home from running errands and carried in a VHS of Cindy Crawford's workouts.  His justification was the fact that Cindy was wearing a red bathing suit and it indeed resemble that of a heart on her shapely body.  My mom thankfully received the gift her husband of ten years brought her.  Oh, but my aunt to be was NOT!  The fumes that came from her ears that evening as mom displayed her Valentines gift on the kitchen counter were enough to fog up the house!  I remember that night was spent with my mom explaining to my aunt to be that she liked the gift, it was practical and she knew that her husband thought about her and thought she would find the gift useful.  I can't remember if even to this day if my now aunt has gotten over the shock of that Valentines gift, however it left an impact on me.  If the person that I ever ended up with gave me anything, I would hope that it was practical and useful, not a silly bouquet that would die and stink up a vase, or a box of chocolates that would add pounds to my backside.  
With that being said, I have been married for five and a half years.  In those years I have never gotten a Valentines gift on the actual day.  I think know Michael has an internal rebel that will not allow him to purchase anything on the over commercialized holiday.  Our first year of marriage Michael made me dinner and we sat down at the table and enjoyed dinner and a bottle of sparkling cider.  Our second year of marriage "Zeke" purchased me a rose bush the week before.  It has been a little dry the last few years... However yesterday I walk into our office and on my desk is a "Living Social" couples massage coupon.  I sent Michael a text thanking him and he replies back, "For what?"  "Well, Kulow for the gift... the practical and much needed massage that you bought not only for me but for you, which means a date night."  It didn't stop at the purchase of the couples massage but this morning as he was leaving for work he actually said, "Happy Valentines Day."  I almost wonder if it tasted bitter, because saying it on the actual day is not his forte!  
With all of that said, I hope that every day is a special day for you and your significant other and that they don't wait for February 14, 2013 to show you again how special you are!