Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super B-Complex

Have you been thinking that your diet is missing something?  
I didn't until I had a massive meltdown about a week ago.  I know it sounds much more serious than it really was - but I was a mess.  Ever since having Riah my hormones have been a total mess.  Simply put, I have been "off" for a year now.  Last Tuesday was the epitome of it and I sat down at my computer and started researching "Hormone help during premenstrual cycle".  I found a lot of information but one that I decided that I would first try and go from there was a B-Complex vitamin supplement.  The next morning I was expressing my frustrations to a  friend and she said that she too takes it and she calls them her "happy pills".  I was convinced so that morning I went directly to Costco and purchased a bottle of Super B-Complex vitamins.  Now a week later I can attest to the fact that they are wonderful.  If you are struggling with your hormones and like me go from happy to crying to screaming in an hour time frame give it a try... $16.33 with taxes is not too bad. 
My next step is to get a workout routine going.  That has been a hard hurtle to face!  With the weather what it has been here and my schedule with the boys leaves little to no energy left.  I do have a friend that has said she would meet me and walk/run with me but even that sounds too intimidating since she has run a half marathon and I jokingly say the only time I will run is if I am being chased and even then it is questionable. 
Although in all seriousness - if you are struggling with your hormones give the B-Complex vitamin a try, it is cheap and easy start - I am glad I did, I feel more in control of the waves of emotions inside me.