Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blogging Block

Well, after almost three years I have hit the blogging block on pictures.  So frustrating!  As you can see the front of the blog looks a little different, I don't have the usual title picture and I had to delete a few of the other pictures from posts as well.  Even after trying all that I have been informed by Google that I have hit my picture limit for this blog and if I would like to continue posting pictures I will have to start paying a few.  Well being the cheap skate that I am I have decided that I will not pay anything to post pictures instead I might actually just move the family blog to another site... the actual kulowhouse site.  Now for this to be done Michael will have to help me get it set up.  Being that he has been crazy busy and I know nothing about website stuff I am at a stand still.  So although you can read all my lovely posts there will not be pictures for a little bit.  How long you might ask... well who knows!  I was super bummed because I had taken some really cute pictures of the boys last week and I had full intentions of replacing and updating pictures only to get that dreaded note.  We'll see I suppose!