Thursday, March 22, 2012


LOL!  With a title like that I really am setting you up for a dud!  
Lately my heart and head have been going to some places that in my small world sound very profound and then once I actually sit down to write out my oh so profound thoughts I wind up spending ten minutes trying to think of those thoughts and walk away with the single thought... "Man, if I had a tape recorder for my mental thoughts I would be better off!"  Silliness I know, but that is just me.
Between my children yelling and me yelling at my children my oh so profound words are lost in the recesses of my mind. Between the first cries of Riah in the morning at a god awful hour of five to the time that I actually get out of bed when the other two have begun in on their yelling I loose the reminder of taking every thought captive and remembering that God is still on the throne.  As I am pouring Ki his bowl of Cheerios and him deciding that he wants Raisin Bran instead, I forget to be thankful that I have food to feed my boys.  As Zeke does his headstands in the living room banging his dirty feet against my white walls, I forget to be thankful that I have a place to call home.  When my boys are running around the house yelling and shooting their guns and the little Nerf bullets are landing all over my house for Riah to find and chew the tops off of, I forget to be thankful that I have three healthy boys. 
***As a preface to this next paragraph... I am by no means a Bible scholar - I am simply a stay at home mom looking for encouraging words in this season of life.  I realize that the verse that I am about to quote has a lot of meaning in it's context, however as a mom I took the verse and chapter and used my personal application license (that's real right?) and ran with it.  So, here is a glimpse into what I took away from the chapter...
This week I was studying Psalm 110 and there was a verse that stuck out to me for the life that I am in today... Psalm 110:3 "Your troops will be willing on your day of battle.  Arrayed in holy majesty, from the womb of the dawn you will receive the dew of your youth."  Now as a mom of three boys there is a lot that struck me... I feel like just about every day is a battle, I am faced with these three little faces that want me to pay all my attention to them, they need me for everything.  It has become my prayer this last week that I would be willing to attack each day with a willingness!  "Arrayed in holy majesty"...  as a stay at home mom I have found that my clothes really don't matter but my head went to being arrayed with the word of God.  For those times that my little men are screaming and I can feel the frustration in myself rising remember that I am the adult and that I can keep my tongue and show them the love of Christ because sometimes, in all honestly that is about all that is present.  "from the womb of the dawn"... on a daily basis... that goes back to my willingness and every day at that god awful hour that Riah wakes up remind myself that I am being an example to my boys of what a wife and mother should be.  "the dew of your youth"... I guess being that I am caring for these three youngsters I pray that I would have that same excitement and zeal for each day that they have.
To add to my profound thoughts... I thought I would share a poem that was shared at MOPS last week that I think brought about this sense in my heart...

I started my day early,
Before the room was light.
I lifted my son from his crib
And wished it was still night.
But as I held him close and said,
"Hi, Kenneth, precious one,"
I knew that as I greeted him,
I greeted too God's Son.

When my daughter woke up later,
Calling, "Mommy!  Mommy!  Down!"
I picked her up and hugged her
In her worn Elmo nightgown.
I know she felt the closeness
That a mother's touch affords.
I welcomed not just Ellie,
But so, too, the Lord of Lords.

That day, I mixed some formula
And opened jars of peas.
I fixed some "pizza butter" bread
When she grinned and said, "Pleeeeease."
I heated up some leftovers;
I had to nuke them twice.
And when I fed my children,
I was feeding Jesus Christ.

I made some funny faces,
And "played puzzles" on the floor.
I dressed kitties, ran around outside,
And played with them some more.
We laughed and jumped and tickled,
Making memories to be stored.
When I spent time with my children,
I spent time with my Lord.

I wiped up sticky cereal
And washed the dishes clean.
I straightened, picked up, put away,
And dusted in between.
I did six loads of laundry
And folded it like new.
When I cleaned for my children,
I cleaned for my Savior, too.

When my children were both crying,
I held them in my arms.
I cuddled them and whispered
That I'd keep them safe from harm.
I told them how their Father saved them
With His perfect Lamb.
When I comforted my children,
I comforted I AM.

Later on that evening,
I put them in the bath.
I washed their little bodies
As they kicked around and splashed.
I dried them in soft towels
And put their jammies on.
When I had washed my children's feet,
I'd washed the Holy One.

I cooked and cleaned and rearranged,
Made beds and taught and played.
I made sure that we had food to eat
And that we often prayed.
I died to self.  I made a home
From ordinary things.
But when I served my children,
I served the King of Kings.

To some, I have done nothing,
But to two, I've done the world.
I made eternal difference
To my precious boy and girl,
And to the One who watches over
Every pathway that I've trod.
For when I've loved my precious children,
I've loved Almighty God.

 - Megan Breedlove (