Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cookie Monster

So this afternoon Zeke, Ki and I got home from running a few errands and I was getting ready to make Zeke lunch but Ki needed some attention (diaper change) so I took Ki upstairs to get him changed. I came down stairs and I couldn't find Zeke any where. I checked in the backyard, the basement and then went back upstairs to check the bedrooms - no luck! I started hollering his name and I heard some laughing coming from my pantry. Let me paint the picture of the size of my pantry... it is probably two feet deep with shelves that are probably about a foot and half wide leaving a very small space between the shelves and the closing bi-fold doors. I open the pantry doors to find my little cookie monster Zeke sitting on the floor with Oreos in his lap and black all around his mouth. He looks up at me very innocently and says, "Me eat cookies." Like, "Hello mom I was starving here and you made me eat them!" Oh goodness! What is a mom to do with this one?