Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marker Emergency

I sent Zeke to the bathroom because he has been playing outside in the backyard for quite some time. Zeke went into the bathroom and I went back down stairs were I was folding laundry. I was down stairs for a while and I saw that Zeke was standing near the bathroom door and I thought he was needing some help getting his pants back up. So I came up stairs to find my little artist with a black permanent Sharpie in his hand and very proudly standing next to his art work. For some reason my little artist thought that the bathroom door was the perfect canvas for his impromptu artwork. Ahhhh! I frantically grab the pen from his hand run to the kitchen and grab a hot soapy sponge to try and clean up the mess, to no avail! Michael jumps on to the internet and types in "Permanent marker on wood door". Next thing I know Michael is concocting some paste substance in the kitchen and then goes to the bathroom door and starts scrubbing. Baking soda and water was the miracle paste that cleaned away the artwork that our little artist drew on our rental home bathroom door. I simply chuckle and ask Michael, "What did parents do before the internet?" All I have to say is thank GOD!