Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My boys, my life!

Today I woke up in complete awe that of all the parents in the world for my boys, God chose me and Michael! All day I was in the mind set of complete gratitude! I know that there are times that we will fail our boys and times that we will let them down but God knows that the four of us make a good team. Life would not be the same without our boys in our lives.
Zeke has a way of making me laugh even when I want to scream. He has this gentle little spirit to encourage even with his limited vocabulary. When he is not around, yes my house is quiet but it just does not feel right! Today when I picked him up from school his teachers noted how smart he is but also just how friendly he is - it is always neat when others see what you see in your child!
Ki, although really young has a way of capturing my heart. He has started this new thing of pretend coughing and then laughing - where he got that from I am not sure but it makes me laugh every time. Just today Ki became acquainted with the baby in the mirror and it was the funniest thing to watch. One thing that makes me laugh every time - he laughs so hard that he gets hiccups and then his little laughs are between catching his breath and hiccuping - too funny!
Pastor Rays' words have been on my mind all day today, "God is good... All the time. All the time... God is good." Amen! We are a truly blessed family.