Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just one of those days

Today has been just one of those days where I am in complete awe at how great life is! We woke up this morning and went to first service where Pastor Bill was on fire, he is preaching through 1 Kings - the sermon series is Wise Among Fools. There are so many great little tid-bits throughout the series. After church we came home and the boys and I played in the backyard. Ki hung out in his Johnny Jumper and Zeke and I played baseball. Michael came out and joined us outside for a little while and played with Zeke so I could hang out with Ki. Then we ate our lunch outside, nice weather to enjoy before fall sets in too much! I got both the boys down for their naps and now I am just enjoying - enjoying the slight breeze that is billowing the curtains, enjoying the stillness of the house - enjoying life!