Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a few rambings

Okay for those that are only interested in pictures, you will have to hold your horses.  I have some ramblings to carry on about first! 
I have posted a few baby items on craigslist to sell and all I have received from those postings are spam emails.  What is up with that?  Really I just want to sell some of this baby stuff that has been cluttering my house for the last four years.  Most of the emails that I get go something like this, "Do you still have this for sale?"  My reply, "Yes, if it is still up then it is still for sale."  The reply back, "Let's take this conversation to a live chat so I can ask you about the item."  My reply back, "No need... this is the item, this is the price, do you want it?"  Then I proceed to get three or four penis erectile spam emails from that email address.  Really!?!?  I don't think it would frustrate me so much but I would really like to get this stuff out of my house and I would like to get some money for it all because I plan on taking the money that I get for it and then purchasing Riah his big boy carseat.  So come on!  Gurrr!
My next issue is, why do clothes have to be so darn expensive?  If I had it my way I have recently decided I would wear dresses and skirts year round, every day!  I love how comfortable they are and I don't have to feel like a sausage trying to fit my body into a waistband.  I would like to convert my entire wardrobe into cotton/jersey dresses and skirts.  I have a few and I wear them every chance I get between washes.  I am keeping my eyes open for the summer sales of sun dresses so that I can purchase them and I will just wear leggings and sweaters over them for winter.  I am all about comfort!  I have an aunt that I swear does not own a single pair of pants or shorts and I use to think it was kind of weird.  She always is wearing a dress of skirt and in her case heels... granted I am not about the heels more barefoot but I understand where my aunt is coming from now.
Well, that just about covers my most recent need to vent.  Now for those of you that stuck through my ramblings your reward... pictures from yesterday...
In this picture Riah I think looks a lot like I did when I was a baby...

My big boy Zeke

Watch out, Ki has figured out how to work his water gun.

So I asked Ki for a smile and this was what I got, this will make his daddy proud!



Riah and mommy, he was happy for his picture with Zeke and wanting nothing to do with taking a picture with me... that little stinker!