Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer over?

Can it be possible that the summer is over?  Yesterday was the last day of the outside pool, today they are draining it and getting ready for fall and winter.  UGH!  I can honestly say though that I believe that we got our monies worth from our season passes.  Friday was our last day at the pool and that day marked 29 days of going to the pool during the summer season.  Thursday will be our last summer park play dates with MOPS.  We didn't make it to every Thursday play date however we made a valiant effort, between potty training and summer colds I think we missed three.  I had grand ideas of making it to the Regal summer movies however with Riah not taking a regular nap and not being quiet we did not even make it to one.  I also had signed up for free bowling but never made it to that either.  Oh well!  I think if you asked the boys they would say that they had a fun summer.  Here are a few pictures from last Thursday's park play date and our last day at the pool. 
Hope that your summer was fun filled.  I know that for many today is the first day of school which begins the crazy time of running from school to home, to get homework done to getting kids to after school sports.  Let the craziness of fall begin!