Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Pictures

I have realized that most of my entries have been picture filled and not a lot on the "update" front.  Well to stick with the standard that I have set thus far...
The boys have recently discovered how cool Wii is.  They can't really figure out the concept of most of the games but they love the boxing game.  Zeke beats Ki everything but they both love jumping around playing.

Zeke's new favorite thing at the pool is to jump in.  He has been trying new jumps... I am sure that broken bones will be in the near future.

Ki has been growing up soooo much this summer, every time I see him it seems like he has changed and grown!

Riah loves the pool!  Here he is getting dressed so we could leave the pool, but he was trying to get back in the water.  He is not yet crawling but between rolling and army scutching he gets around.

Sweet dreams!