Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kulow Boys

I try to take pictures of my boys just about every day and sometimes I am double fisted picture taking - One camera in one hand and another in my other hand.  Today was one of the days I only had one camera but I did get a few good pictures of my little men.  Today I was in awe of how big my three boys have gotten.  Zeke no longer has a baby look, nor does Ki and Riah is growing up so fast.  There are days that I think back to Riah's beginning and I am just amazed at God's grace, love and protection.  To look at Riah today you would not know that he had such a rough start and to that I am so grateful!
Well enough of me... here are my boys from today...
A little morning breakfast before we head off to the park.

so serious

I am a sucker for chubby feet.

This is Riah's new trick... doesn't he look so proud of himself?