Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Time

I think the weather finally got me in the mood to get out.  This morning I packed up the boys in the car and we headed to the park.  The boys rode their bike around the mile long lake, then we played at the park, then we blew bubbles and then rolled down the grassy hill - phew... it was a busy day and I think that I successfully filled the morning with all things spring!  The boys had a blast and I had hoped that all the play would wear them out for a good nap... here we are an hour of them laying on their beds, but not a single one is asleep... I have almost fallen asleep waiting for them to fall asleep!
Ki loves riding his bike

Zeke is super fast on his bike so although the bike ride was only a mile he probably did more because every time he would get too far ahead I would make him ride back... he did a lot of back tracking to allow Ki to catch up.

The boys taking a break

Ki and his bike

Zeke was racing down the grassy hill and ate it

Ki laughing at brother who fell

My little climber

Love this picture

While Zeke did the monkey bars Ki decided to hang... I was pretty impressed with the fact that he was able to hang there for a while and even got his feet off the ground for a good swing or two.

Zeke with no fear... he just jumped off the platform!

Zeke and his bubbles

Zach was snuggled in the pouch the entire time

Zeke rolling down the hill

Ki was not too sure about the rolling so he just laid down on the grass.