Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Does this husband make me look fat?

I promise you this is in no way a slam on my husband. That said, my husband is not the traditional guy... You will not find him near a florist on valentines day, for our anniversary there was no card, for my birthday I was awakened by him telling me,"happy birthday old lady". You get the picture... Not really touchy feely kind of guy. However my husband has shown me the world of food. Before we met, I ate to prevent getting shaky or grouchy. I ate to fill the space in my stomach that would growl at me otherwise. Since meeting my husband five years ago I have gained forty pounds, granted that is three kids too but I will blame it more on Michael. I was explaining to one friend that the way my husband shows love is by buying food items for me. He will go to costco and come home with treats for me, not candies, cause he knows I am not a sweets kind of person but dips and crackers and chips and such. I am not going to get words of affirmation from him but I will get food. Last week I had a little melt down and needed some words of affirmation from my husband and after feeding him the words that I needed to hear,I got them. Then he made me some of my favorite breakfast potatoes, yep... Food covers a multitude of sins!