Thursday, December 22, 2011


My mom once told me in fifth grade when I made my first best friend, "Hold on to her, not everyone gets a best friend like her in their lives."  Here I am now much older than fifth grade and not only am I still friends with that fifth grade friend but I have been truly blessed by a group of friends here in Colorado.  I can say that I have two really good friends here, ones that I can be totally real with.  You know those days that life is kind of sucky and you just want to pout - these friends are the ones to call up. 
Yesterday I was reminded of just how blessed I am! 
Yesterday morning the boys and I went over to my friend's house and the boys played with her girls and she and I chatted.  She expressed how she was just not loving life right now and I listened and then we went on, we didn't dwell on it but she spoke her peace and we laughed about it.  After a few hours of hanging out together the boys and I have to leave to take another San Diego friend to the airport.  As we were driving home from the airport my friend from the morning called and said she needed to borrow my crock pot so I ran it over.  Just those simple things reminded me what it is to have friends around to help you out, chat with and just be myself around.
As I was driving back home I felt compelled to text my dear fifth grade friend, she and I exchanged texts back and forth most of the evening.  She and I have not lived in the same state since we were in seventh grade.  This summer she came out here for a visit and it was as if no time had passed since our last visit many years earlier. 
While texting with that friend another friend called me and asked me to go out with her for a pedicure today.  She and I became friends a few years ago, we come from very different worlds (literally) and yet we can yuck it up for hours. 
So to the three ladies that made my day yesterday I am truly grateful!  Sarah Davenport, you are my forever friend - always on my mind and always wishing that some day in the future we can live in the same state once again.  Stacey Brand, you rock - who would have known four years ago when I was placed at your MOPS table that we would have become such good friends.  Piedad Rodriguez, you are awesome - I am so glad that three years ago you and your family found it fitting to move right next door to me!  You three women are a huge blessing to me - more than you can know!