Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank you Pinterest

A BIG shout out thank you to Pinterest!  I have been a Pinterest whore lately and it has paid off.  I have quite a few things that I still have on my boards that I want to make and some that I have tried my hand at already.  Here are my latest things that I have made compliments of Pinterest ideas...
I made our family stockings.  I realized that Ki and Riah did not have any so rather than buy two that wouldn't match what we already had I decided to make some myself.  Total cost was $7 for all five of them - not bad, eh?  The stocking foot is made out of natural cotton and the top is of muslin and then I added a little lace trim around all of them and the hanger is a satin ribbon.

As you can see for the boys I just bought monogram iron ons for their first names.  See "Z" for Zechariah.  I don't have anything on mine or Michael's but a friend of mine made some stockings and found really cute "mr. and mrs." patches that I might see where she got those from and do that for ours.

These are two sparkling cider bottles and a soda bottle that I have been saving and just spray painted them, added a little texture with some natural sisal and purchased two calla lilies which are my favorite.  Total cost for this project was $4 that includes the flowers, paint and sisal  (which I still have a ton of for other projects.)

The complete look... I know it is bare but I prefer the less is more approach.  I think I might add a little something here and there, I was actually thinking that the other tall "vase" needed some calla lilies too... they are 50% off so they are only $1 - we'll see.