Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Broken Down

My computer is officially broke down.  Therefore I have not been on to post a blog.  I am currently sitting at Michael's desk typing on his computer which is a challenge because he has one of those funky keyboards... you know the ones that are split down the middle and since I am not the best at typing to begin with it is proving to be more challenging as I go. 
Well, back to my computer, it has been on its last leg for a while now and this weekend it decided to push me over the edge and I got fed up with it.  It stays on for about ten minutes and then gives me the black screen of death and then shuts off.  I am able to turn it back on but it is only good for about ten minutes and then off it goes again.  So I spent some time this weekend taking all my files, pictures, documents, contacts and emails and backing it all up on an external hard drive.  Well, since Michael is a PC user and I was a MAC user all my files remain on the external hard drive and I am not sure how I will transfer everything over to PC.  Needless to say without my computer I feel slightly out of sorts.  Today Ki's speech therapist was asking about dates for his speech and I was useless, my computer has my calendar and I have lived by that for the last five years.  So until we have the money I will be sharing a computer with Michael... of whom does not like to share his things!  Yesterday I needed to charge up my iPod for Zeke to listen to and I came into the office and plugged it in and just as quick and the sound signaled that something was plugged in Michael was right behind me, "What are you doing?  What are you messing up?"  Needless to say I am not sure how long this arrangement will last but, hey - it might mean I will be on another computer faster! 
So I am not sure about my pictures either... being that all my pictures were in iPhoto I am not sure how I will be able to open them on the PC or what program I will use to crop and rotate and all that fun jazz.  Gurrrr! 
I love technology but it sure can be a pain in the back side when it is not working for you, rather against you... and that is how I feel.  Between my camera and my computer of which will both be five years old this Christmas I am about to pull my hair out!