Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Sending lots of love and good wishes to you and yours as we spend the day the five of us all healthy and under one roof (that was my Christmas wish from last year).
Four generations of Kulow men in one kitchen...

Zeke and Grandpa Mark

Riah opened his first present!

Ki opening his present from Grandpa Mark

Watching Zeke open his present from Grandpa Mark

Riah not being so patient to get his train out to play with.

Ever want to know if a Kulow is concentrating? 

Ki trying to put together his train present from Grandpa Mark

Zeke enjoying from cherry pie

Christmas Morning

Ki got some Lightening McQueen Ear phones.

Michael bought the boys tool boxes and Zeke starting putting some of his tools to good use, opening his presents.

Riah laying on his pillow from Great Grandma Betty.
Well that is all for today!  Enjoy!