Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frustration in the Futility

As many of you may remember back in April I had Zeke meet with a Speech therapist.  After meeting with the ST she said that it was imperative that Zeke had speech therapy.  After further talking with her she informed me that our insurance would not pay for speech therapy without a few things, the first was his medical records from San Diego, if in those records there were three or more ear infections we would be given X amount of speech therapy.  Those records were sent and there were only two on record.  The next step was to have an occupational therapy evaluation.  The evaluation was not going to offer us any speech therapy appointment but might help eliminate some of the speech troubles.  So that was last week (the soonest appointment I could get) the OT informed us that there are plenty of issues to be addressed and she made a few goals for the 30 appointments that our insurance will pay for.  The last and final step in hopes of getting insurance to pay for X amounts of speech therapy appointments was today, a developmental hearing test.  I will admit that last night in my quiet prayers I was asking God to have something be wrong with his hearing, that maybe there would be something!  I know that sounds kind of silly, however I was knowing that this appointment this morning was our last ditch effort.  Michael has been such a huge help this week for me and took Zeke to his OT appointment yesterday morning and his hearing evaluation this morning.  There was a part of me that was feeling guilty about not taking Zeke myself however I was busy volunteering for VBS all week.  I will admit that this morning I was eager to hear from Michael how the appointment went, somewhat hoping for "bad" news.  Well, the bad news that I was hoping for was not the case - Zeke has perfect hearing!  Yes, that is great news, but now we as parents are at a cross road.  What are we supposed to do for Zeke now?  Two months of running through all the hoops that we were required to and now I feel like we are right back at the beginning.  Nothing has been accomplished, I feel!  Thus my frustration in the futility!
Now I am in the process of trying to find some way to get speech therapy paid for my baby boy.  How can it be that the insurance's Speech therapist  says that my son has to have speech therapy and yet the insurance says that they will not pay for it?  My next step is to contact that company that we have secured insurance through, CHP+ and see if there are any resources through them.  Then I will go through the school district - this is kind of my last choice, we would really like for Zeke to continue to attend our church's preschool but if there is no other choice... then so be it!