Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Time

Okay - so I said that I would get pictures out as to how our summer has been... well it has been great!  Basically if we are not at a park or the pool than most likely we are napping or hanging out around the house.  I have been wearing my boys out, both of the boys have been taking hour plus naps in the afternoon and sleeping almost entirely through the night and sleeping in, in the morning (sleeping in is 6:30!).
These first few pictures were taken at "Touch a Truck" this was a little boy's heaven.  There was a tractor, dump truck, fire truck, police trucks, Zamboni, and drums... as if the horns were not already loud enough!
Summer time at it's finest!
The next few were taken downtown Denver at the Chalk Festival.  There were some really amazing artwork... all done in chalk on a few downtown streets that would be driven on in a few hours.  Seemed kind of crazy to spend so many hours on these pieces of artwork only to have them driven on and washed away in a matter of hours from their creation time.
This week the boys and I headed up to Tiny Town... little houses and trains!  Summer truly is the best time of the year.