Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Trip

The boys and I woke up this morning shared happy face pancakes and then headed off to Buena Vista to visit Granny Joan.  The boys were excited for the road trip but what should have only taken two hours to get out there took three hours, what with road work, stripe painting and the occasional slow moving big rig.  About an hour shy of getting to Granny Joan's house the, "Are we there yet" set in by Zeke and the fussing and crying was heard from Ki.  Thankfully the animals were all out for the boys to see as well as the 4-wheeler for Zeke to ride on.  Lunch was eaten here and there, or in Ki's case he would stuff a piece in his mouth and savor another in his grimy little fist.  While we were there we got to watch the horses get their hoofs trimmed... Zeke thought that was pretty neat.  Being that Granny Joan lived on a ranch with a barn, my OCD boys had to get out rakes and shovels and clean up the already fairly clean barn.  Ki was in outdoor heaven!  I jokingly tell people that when Ki was born I know that they cut the umbilical cord but there are days you wouldn't know it... well today was not one of those days, he wondered here and there was as happy as can be!  After a few hours of hanging out down at the house we headed into town for some supper.  The area that we went to is called historical Buena Vista, however it is all new.  Let me just say that if I could I would purchase just about any of the homes in the area and pick them up and place them on a few acres and I would be a happy girl!   The boys continued their playing for a few minutes on a big climbing rock and then we headed into a very neat little restaurant for some yummy food.  A few more pictures, hugs and shared words and then the boys and I were off, headed home.  Ki did not even make it two minutes before he was sound asleep.  Zeke on the other hand did not sleep the entire two and a half hours home.  I thought that the boys would be out for the night, little did I know that Ki's quick crash was short lived.  An hour after leaving BV Ki was awake and none too happy to be in his car seat, which led to a bunch of noise coming from the back of the car, which led to a grumpy mom!  Needless to say, it is now 10:30 and Ki just now fell asleep, Zeke did not fall asleep until 9:15... and well Michael was asleep by 8:40 (a mere hour after we got home) - and I was the tired one!  Well all I have to say is these boys better sleep real good and long tonight, I am a tired mommy, who got a little too much sun, not enough water and way too long of a drive (my back and hinney are ready for bed too!).
(A word of warning... there are a lot of pictures and to think I only posted a fraction of what I took, I guess I am a picture junky!)
Love in a pan... Happy face pancakes for my boys.
Zeke all ready for our road trip
Ki snapped in and ready
Ki having a blast!
Boys, being... well boys!
Zeke was ready to be a big helper with everything!
Zeke got it in his head that he was going to juggle these rocks, after a few bumps he gave up the grand idea of juggling and just decided that throwing them at the trees was more fun.
The horses got "groomed" and Zeke jumped right up there and grabbed hold of the halter and started talking to the horse... it was pretty cute how much he looked like a Big boy.
The boys and their cleaning.
Granny Joan and her two grandsons
Just had to take a picture of one of the houses that I loved!  I am sure you can see why.
Rock Climbing
Poor little Ki, he circled that rock trying to figure out how to climb up to the top like his big brother.
A little sun on those cheeks.
Re-filling our tanks for what mommy thought would be night time, silly mommy!
All in all a fun road trip!