Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today was one of those days that I sat back as life was going on and thought to myself, "Can life really get any better?"  Zeke had swim lessons this morning and did a really good job of listening and swimming (the first was lacking on his first day of swim lessons).  After swim we headed over to Waterton Canyon for a walk.  Ki slept the entire out to our picnic location.  I walked in about two and a half miles, we stopped and had lunch next to the water.  After we ate lunch the boys and I splashed in the water, Ki had a blast in the water - Zeke on the other hand was a big ole' chicken and so I pushed him in a few times, needless to say the entire canyon heard that Zeke was unhappy to be pushed into the freezing cold water! :-)  After we splashed for a while I got the boys dressed again and we headed back to our car (another two and a half miles) by the time we got to the car I was pretty tired.  Ki like I said, slept the entire way out to the picnic area and then Zeke slept the entire way back - so that meant no nap for a tired mommy!  Once I got back to the car I got the car turned on and got the air conditioning going for my hot boys and myself, I checked the outside temperature... 94, ouch!  No wonder I was sweating like a pig.  I figured that between the walk, the sweat and the freezing water dip I got a good exercise in!  All in all a great day - I was definitely sitting and reflecting as my boys were eating their lunch - thinking I truly am blessed.  I get to spend my days taking my boys to do fun things, we get to enjoy the sun and play all the while my hubby is slaving away at work.