Sunday, June 13, 2010

Santa of Outdoor World

Today Michael decided that since it was rainy of chilly here we would make the best of it and head to the Outdoor World Bass Pro Shop in Denver.  This place is huge, you could probably place two Costcos inside this one store.  I will say that I was pretty impressed by the sheer mass amount of outdoor stuff.  While walking through this store Ki kept picking up odds and ends and carrying them from place to place.  Zeke on the other hand, kept seeing things and saying to Michael and I, "I gotta ask my Papa from this."  Of the list of items there was a bow and arrow, a bb gun, a fishing pole, an atv, and then a big tent.  Not sure when my dad became the Santa of Outdoor World but in Zeke's mind he has gotta ask his Papa for just about everything in this store.  I thought that maybe Michael had put him up to saying it but Michael didn't even know what Zeke was saying at first and so I "translated" and all Michael did was laugh and say, "Well your dad is the outdoor guy."  While we toured this extremely large place I did call my dad to ask him about a rifle that he is looking for and told him about Zeke needing to "ask papa for..." my dad simply laughed and I think felt honored.
Boys and their toys, I suppose!