Friday, September 3, 2010

Boba 2G

Those that have seen me know that I am a baby wearing mama.  I discovered a great baby carrier called the Boba last November and basically it was a permanent fixture on my body up until the last month as baby bump number three makes it a little hard to carry Ki around.  One of the things that I love about Boba is that it is a local company that makes it!  I am all about supporting the local businesses so when it came down between the Boba and the ever common Ergo - I went Boba all the way.  At the time I purchased my original Boba the one down fall I felt was that there was not a head support for my sleeping peanut.  Being a mom, which in turn makes me a person of invention in the time of need, I converted a receiving blanket into a head support.  
This past week I went out to support another local business Cloth Diaper Market in Colorado Springs at which I just about did a happy dance right there in the middle of the store... they not only carry the Boba but Boba has come out with a 2G model.  This 2G model has everything that I love about my Boba but they added the one thing I felt like was missing - the head support.  Sakes alive I could not be more happy.  
Now comes the planning and plotting - how am I going to get the 2G?  While at the Cloth Diaper Market in the Springs I entered for a door price give away... still hoping and praying that the 2G will fall in my lap before baby number three's arrival!
Today I contacted Boba and exchanged some emails seeing about upgrading... my love for my Boba made it on their website...
Boba Love