Friday, September 24, 2010


That is about all I have to say for the last week!  After I posted my blog last week I got a little snip-it of the flu.  So I went Friday evening and Saturday laying around the house in jammies trying to not catch the full blown flu that Michael had.  Sunday my blood pressure was giving me some major troubles... I went from really low bp and passing out to really high and had a hard time functioning.  I think with the flux in my blood pressure put me at a disadvantage and Tuesday night I went to bed early feeling a little under the weather and then around ten I started not feeling well at all thinking that I was having some acid reflux issues however by midnight I heard Zeke running to the bathroom vomiting the whole way.  I tried to tend to Zeke but had to leave (not the normal for me).  Went downstairs to wake up Michael and have him go and be with Zeke (not the normal for him - at all!) and I didn't make it to the bathroom myself!  Needless to say Michael won the number one daddy and husband award that night leading into the wee hours of the next morning!  Between tending to Zeke while I was doing a balancing act in one bathroom, scrubbing the carpets from the one time of me and the three times of Zeke, and not to mention the loads of laundry that came from all the messes.  Man that really earned him some brownie points - and he only sympathy joined us once!  Wednesday was spent in quarantine.  Michael kept spraying the lower living room with Lysol from the upper level and he employed the baby gate as a quarantined area so that Ki could not get to us (Zeke and I) and we could not get up to them (Michael and Ki).  Needless to say Wednesday Zeke and I traded off watching different movies, napping and visiting the bathroom.  A good night's sleep lent to a much better Thursday - although I think between the passing flu and the lack of food in my system I had another passing out spell in the morning but spent the rest of the day watching my bp and I did just fine.  By Thursday evening I was feeling totally human again - which was a huge thing since I was not there since the last Thursday. 
Today was a whole new day!  The boys and I played around the house until 9am when we ran out to get some much needed errands done and then came back home and the three of us played football in the backyard until lunch time.  I made lunch and then all three of us enjoyed eating lunch out on the back patio on the new patio table that Michael bought for us.  After lunch Zeke got ready for his first official day of school.  I dropped him off and he seemed to be just fine - a little lost to the routines as the other kids readied themselves Zeke sat nicely on the carpet (not what everyone else was doing) but he caught on quickly!  Ki fell asleep on our way home from dropping off brother at school and now here I sit in the first afternoon of quiet!  I will admit I am a little out of sorts without my Zeke, as he has been with me every day since May when school got out for him!  That is a long time to have him around and now that he is not, the quiet is welcome but my Bubba is missed!  So I have an hour and a half then we will be off to get Zeke to find out how his first day went.