Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Filled Busy Week

This week felt something like a whirl wind!
Church and post church Sweet Tomato lunch and then Football, of which my fantasy football team won!
Ki had his post surgery check up for his ears... at which the doctor said that his hearing is even better than pre-surgery!
Driving from the appointment my windshield was hit by what I am coining an asteroid... I don't know exactly what it was but it was huge and cracked my window something fierce and honestly just a little more force would have had my windshield in my lap.
Picked up my mom from the airport
Had lunch and nap time and then the boys and mom played in the backyard while I got dinner ready.
The boys and I took mom to our favorite park where we played until we could play no more... between the swings, the bikes, soccer ball and climbing my boys were tuckered out.

We grabbed some lunch then came home and the boys napped.
While the boys napped I went to ChildFind to finalize all the paperwork for Zeke's new preschool and his IEP services.
Then home again home again jiggidy jig for dinner and the nightly routines.
Mom and boys and I headed to Zeke's new school where we got to see his new classroom and meet his teachers (please be praying as Zeke keeps telling me that he does not want to go to this school and that he doesn't like it.)
After a little visit to the new school the boys and I took mom to the Hop.  An inflatable land which provided lots of laughs and fun.

An hour and a half of playing... a few rug burns and hungry tummies we headed to lunch and then over to a cupcake place called "Gigi's Cupcakes".  (The boys call my mom Gigi - so I thought it was appropriate to go there get a few pictures and a special little treat)

A little nap and then a trip to Costco for groceries and dinner.
My first MOPS meeting - was so excited about MOPS that I had a hard time sleeping.  Mom watched the boys at home while I went to MOPS.
I left MOPS a little early to run home and pick them up and we headed over to a friend's work where we got pictures of baby number three and confirmed that #3 is in fact a BOY!
After my appointment we went out to lunch and then came home long enough for mom to pack her bags and then we were off to the airport to get her back to lonely Papa back in San Diego.
We are all really tired and now are spending today just laying around the house.  A fun filled busy week and loved every minute of having my mom here to help me out with my two little munchkins.