Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fluffy Hinney

Last night was my first try of cloth diapers at night.  I packed Ki's little pants with a premium pre-fold and a doubler and let's just say he was indeed a fluffy hinney!  But with thirteen hours of sleep he made it through the night and didn't float away.  The bed and his clothes stayed dry, which is all that really matters right?  The cover got a little pee on the top portion where his belly folded it down so it will need to be washed but not too bad!
I did try to get Zeke to wear a fluffy hinney last night and he told me "No WAY".  I still tried it and it was to no avail.  So I guess we will still be buying Pull-Ups for Zeke for night time.
I will say that I am in love with the products that I purchased!  I know that not all brands work for everyone.  For some they may hate the stuff that I am using but if you are interested the company that I purchased my items from is having a web summer sale... it might be worth checking it out if you are on the fence about cloth diapers.
What I purchased for cloth diapers thus far:
Planet Wise Wet Bag (for out and about dirty/wet cd storage) $16.50
Planet Wise Wet Bag (for the dirty pail at home) $17.00
Planet Wise Wipe Set (comes with a bag and 15 wipes... not a huge need... converted our Gerber terry burp cloths into wipes... my suggestion is to take flannel receiving blankets and cut them down to hand sized squares) $16.50
Tiny Tush Premium Unbleached Chinese Prefold Diapers (the premiums have two extra center layers versus the regulars which were a $1 cheaper... 6 come to a pack, figured that the extra padded ones can be for night times) $15.00 * Note: these are currently $11 on the summer blowout web sale
Tweedle Bugs Diaper Covers (these are not a one size but for the price I thought I would try them... they are geared towards fitting the bigger kids - of which mine are) $8.50 each * Note: you can purchase their seconds off the web for $4 - when reading what makes them seconds it simply said that often it is a fold in the sewing that makes them "cosmetically blemished".  
From what I am seeing one would realistically want to have 6 covers on hand, 24 prefolds, 4 doublers, a wet bag for out and about,  and a wet bag for the home pail. 
Here are my website recommendations for the above...
Hope that helps!