Monday, September 27, 2010


Since our move to Colorado I have fallen in love with the season of Fall!  I think in part because it actually happens here and in California the palm trees really show no season changes.  Our first year here we successfully made the Fall Color drive through the mountains and it was a sight to be seen.  Since that very first Fall Color drive I have been pinning away for each and every one to come.  Last year we had snow fall on the last day of summer which meant that all the leaves just fell off and there was really no Fall Color.  This year I had high hopes!  Saturday evening Michael told me that Sunday we would leave early and head out to catch the aspen fall colors and spend a day just enjoying the Colorado colors.  As silly as it may sound I spent Saturday night dreaming about the colors and was very excited about the prospect of seeing the fall colors while sipping a hot cup of cider.  Yes, I did romanticize it up in my head a lot!
We woke up got ourselves dressed (in jeans and had sweatshirts ready for some chilly weather) I packed the car with some snacks and we were off.  As we are pulling out of the drive way Michael informs me that we are going to take another route than we had previously.  I was feeling a bit let down but figured I was open for an adventure.  We stopped off at a quaint little dinner on our way out and had breakfast - one of the items was a loaf of fresh pumpkin bread.  Our tummies were full so off we went to spend the day in the car enjoying the Fall Colors.  Two and a half hours of driving and napping here and there and what did we see... no Fall Colors!  Grrrr!  Around noon we finally pulled off the road and let the boys play in a river for a little bit - it was 73 degrees out, not jean weather of which we were all dressed in.
Feeling very let down and somewhat upset with Michael's "bright idea" to try a new route I think he was picking up on my attitude and made a big circle and we found ourselves close to original route where I got a little sneak peak of some color although most of the leaves had already fallen.  I am hoping that one of these years we will actually get the fall colors at just the right time on the right route!  This morning as a way of making up for my lack of fall color I am enjoying a cup of hot chai tea and finishing off the pumpkin loaf of bread!  I guess I will just have to wait until fall comes to town here and we can rake all the leaves in the backyard and make jumping piles to get some good fall pictures.