Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Growing Up

I never realize how much my babies are growing up until I look at old pictures.  I was putting together a Christmas present for my father this last week with some old pictures and I got choked up a few times at how much the boys have grown in this last year.  I think I was so absent minded for the first five months of this year that to see pictures (the very few I took) makes me realize it. 
Zeke is growing up a lot.  He is staying home with me and I think that it is harder for me to see changes since we have been together 24/7 since May when school let out.  Two weeks ago we got him a new bike, a peddle bike instead of his strider.  The very first day we got it we took him to the cul-da-sac behind us and he zipped around without any trouble.  After about ten minutes he was trying to get tricky and was trying to "drift" and "lay down some rubber".  Needless to say he loves his new bike.  Last week I took him to a local park and let him ride his bike while I pushed Riah in the stroller.  Unfortunately I had to spend a lot of my time running after him because he was jetting in and out of people and blazing.
Ki looks like such a little boy.  I have finally discovered the hair cut that fits him.  Being not at all trained I have just "winged" it the last few cuts.  I do however have a coupon to take him to get his hair cut and my thought is to look over their shoulder to see how to do it.  Ki now goes to preschool two days a week for three hours a day and he seems to really love it.  A new thing for Ki is he is now talking in two and three word sentences.  Granted they are not discernible by an untrained ear but he is really working on his words.  Ki is also getting rather tricky on his little strider, just the last two weeks he has developed a sense of balance and so while riding down little hills he has started to pick up his feet to balance.  It is rather funny because he lifts his legs straight out to the side so he looks like a plane ready to take off.
Riah, well he is a breed of his own!  He and I have had our battles this past few weeks.  I kept taking him to the doctor thinking there has got to be something wrong with the kid.  He was not sleeping, would cry all day long and I was at my wits end and was not much liking him!  Friday, yes, just a few days ago... I hit the bottom.  I was in the doctor's office for the second time that week asking him to take this child because I could handle him no more, I was crying and the doctor simply said to me, "It must be a cold."  Really?  When Michael got home that night I think he realized the severity of the situation.  He sent me to bed and I fell fast asleep for eleven straight hours and Riah for nine.  The next day we were all better.  I am not sure if it was my need for sleep or Riah's but whichever it was it was magical.  Little Riah bug is cutting his two eye teeth.  So right now he has his two bottom and then the two side teeth to the front teeth are coming in.  I swear this little guy is going to look like a vampire in a matter of two weeks! 
Here are a few pictures of the little Kulow men after I have talked about how much they have grown, you can now see!
Brothers, being.... well - BOYS!

Riah's big brown eyes

One of my favorite pictures right now

A very common Riah look. 

Ki learning the art of balancing on his bike

Zekes first day of soccer... forgot to tell you guys about that adventure.  Needless to say Zeke thinks that it is tackle soccer.  Zeke can be found pushing kids over and bounding over them to get the ball and then run with it far out of the boundaries.  Second game was a little better!

A determined Zeke on his bike for the first time

Riah in his big boy carseat