Friday, September 9, 2011

Heap of no help

You know those phone calls that you make hoping to find out some information and you come away from the call with nothing but a crick in your neck?  Yep, that was the case today.  I guess the phone call was a vein attempt to find out some information but heck it was worth a shot I thought!  Last weekend Micheal and I saw a house that we really liked, granted out of our price range but it is vacant and has been for at least a year and is a foreclosure home.  Michael came home and immediately started researching the house and we found out which bank is the holder of the note, the last sold price, the note amount and such.  Michael's brilliant idea is to just go and squat in the house.  Yeah, not buying that idea - Kulow!  My bright idea was to call the bank and just inquire on the foreclosure process of the home and see what they had to say for themselves.  You never know they might need tenants to stay in the home and maintain the property and such.  Well after four call transfers I was given to the "loan guru" and he simply said, "I don't know what to say, you will have to watch our website for when the home comes up for sale."  I asked him about the fact that it has been vacant for months and winter is approaching, he just gave me a long sigh and somewhat politely brushed me off.  Sakes!  I am just trying to help them out! :-) It is a nice house but it won't be that great after winter comes and all the pipes are frozen and burst.  Oh well some time on the phone and nothing... maybe Michael's idea is the best one after all.