Friday, September 9, 2011

Stunt Man

I fear that I will soon become quiet familiar with the ER nurses and doctors.  This morning was one of those morning where the boys were dancing on my last nerve so I sent them to the basement to play.  About ten minutes after they are playing down there I hear a huge crash and I go running down stairs.  I hear a "Oh ouch!" and then I hear, "Don't worry mom I broke my nose but it is still on my face."  Now, I am down stairs to see Zeke holding his nose and a little blood but nothing serious.  "Zeke, what were you doing?"  "Stuff that you should never try at home."  Well Zeke, if you should never try it at home then what in the heck are you doing?"  "Mom, this is not home, this is the basement, it is under our home."  Sakes Alive!  Yep, that is my little dare devil Zeke.  Once I got to the bottom of it I found out that he was bouncing off of the couch and was trying to grab hold of the center beam pole.  Did you understand that?  Zeke was standing on the arm of the couch in the basement leaping forward, thinking he could fly to the beam that holds our house up (well somewhat).  "Really, child?"  Was about all that came to me in the moment.  Grey hair here I come, I can pluck the ones I currently have but in the next year or two if I plucked them all I will be bald!