Sunday, September 11, 2011


Just a little warning... there will be no cute pictures of my boys at the end of this blog post, this is merely mommy thoughts! :-)  Read if you like!
Okay, so ever since I was little I always swore up and down that I would NEVER drive a minivan.
With that said, here I go... since having three little ones I have been softening on the whole idea.  The areas that I am considering a minivan to be superior are: the doors, people park so stinking close and trying to get all of the boys out the car without dinging my door or the idiot that parked next to me is nearly impossible.  Next the cargo area.  Now granted in the Acadia (of which I currently drive) there is a decent amount of cargo space, I can carry a good amount of stuff however if I want to bring the stroller then I have to lay the seat down in the back - not a huge deal as I really don't use the stroller a lot but when I want to it just means that we are down two seats for it.  The next would be the lower profile which would make it easier for the boys to get in and out of the vehicle.  As it is, for Ki to get into my car he has to climb and it is a little bit of an ordeal.  Granted most of my things are because of the ages of my boys... this will all change when everyone can get into the car and seat belt themselves - I know that will be around the corner but until then I have these complaints.
Now my other deal is that in my car I am "boy scout" prepared (maybe a little overkill but I know the minute I take something out it will be needed).  Today as we were at Costco after church Michael was trying to Jenga place all our purchases into the back of my car.  In the back I permanently keep a large bag with an extra change of clothes for all three boys, sweatshirts for everyone in the family, hats for everyone in the family and gloves for everyone in the family, I keep the diaper bag which has snacks for the older boys, food for Riah and Riah's diapers, two baby carriers (one Boba and one Moby), and the bag of all my grocery bags... oh yeah and Riah's travel booster seat - I guess it is a lot... oh and thankfully there is a secret compartment that I keep my two picnic blankets and more snacks in case we get stranded.  Sooooo... needless to say to go shopping at Costco with all three boys and my "boy scout" stocked car it is a little challenging.  After reading my list of items kept in the car maybe if I lessen that by a quarter I might be able to fit more in the back and the cargo space in my car might not be an issue!  :-)
Bottom line is I think that my consideration to even think of another car is due to the fact that in the one year and two months that we have had the GMC Acadia it has been in the shop four times, three of which I had to have a loaner car for a minimum of one day.  In the five years that I had my Toyota 4Runner it was never in the shop and all that it ever needed was routine oil changes.  Now you can understand where I am coming from.  Don't get me wrong I love the plush things that my Acadia has but I am a little peeved at the troubles that it has given us.  Thankfully everything that it has been in for has been covered by either manufacture or extended warranty.  But I fear the next time I bring it in we could be into it for a chunk of change that we don't have.
I have told Michael that the next time it has to go to the shop I will tell them to put a for sale sign in the window because I am done!  My thought is sell the darn thing before we have to sink money into it and get a car that is more reliable and maybe even a little less a month for payments.  So I might be swallowing my words that "I will NEVER drive a minivan".