Monday, November 28, 2011

Absent for a reason

I know that I have been absent - it is due to the severe case of crud that has captured our home.  Let me back track though...
Wednesday was such a nice day here.  The boys and I set out early that morning and hit two stores and then made it back to the house for morning snack at 10am.  After morning snack the boys and I went over to the local junior high school track to ride bikes.  The older two rode their bikes and Riah and I played on a blanket.  After almost an hour of letting them ride their bikes we loaded up in the car to head to another store.  Or, so I thought... my car wouldn't start.  Really?  Was about the only thing that I could think of.  A quick phone call to Michael who was heading from his job site to the office, he came and picked us up and brought us home.  A call to triple A to pick up the car and tow it to the dealership and a phone call to the dealership.  All of which were not on my daily schedule.  A few hours later and a new battery my car came home. 
Being that we were sick the week prior Michael and I had made the executive decision to "skip"  the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I was craving steak and potatoes and so that was what we were going to have.  Thankfully I suppose since it was Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we had none of the traditionals. 
Thanksgiving morning we woke up and enjoyed a quiet morning, the boys watched the parade and played.  Around ten we all headed over to the junior high track so Michael could see how good Zeke is doing on his bike and just to enjoy the morning together as a family.  And we did simply that! 

After our bike rides and fun time we came home and all laid down for afternoon naps!  It was glorious! 
Like I said - glorious!  If I didn't know better I would have thought I was in San Diego on Thanksgiving day with an outside temperature of 76. 
After a long afternoon nap we fixed dinner - steak, corn and sweet potatoes.  As we are sitting down for dinner you should have seen Zeke's face, "Where is the turkey legs?"  "Well Bubba we decided not to make a turkey."  "But mom, it is Thanksgiving - and we are supposed to have a turkey."  Let me just say, my heart sank and I looked at Michael and we both felt kind of crummy for making the choice to not have a traditional dinner for his sake.  Michael comforted Zeke by assuring him that we will have a turkey for Christmas dinner and that seemed to appease him. 
The rest of the night was spent playing and watching television - the way a Thanksgiving dinner should be digested.
The next day we stayed indoors and told the boys that everything was closed because yesterday was Thanksgiving - that seemed to work for them, cause they know no different. 
That brings us to my birthday on Saturday.  I woke up early with the boys and was greeted by Michael telling me happy birthday.  We relaxed in the morning.  Riah took his morning nap and while he napped I took a long hot shower, I even shaved both of my legs!  The small luxuries.  After nap and my shower we headed out for lunch at an Indian restaurant.  After lunch Michael drove to the mall where I had stated I wanted to buy a pair of jeans for my birthday and Michael was going to oblige.  As we park and start getting out Zeke says,  "I am kind of tired."  I look at Michael and we decided that the mall would be open later, let's go home and nap... if Zeke is saying he is tired then he must be!
Once home we get all three boys down for naps and I leave to go to the mall by myself.  That was kind of a treat!  I walk directly into the store that I wanted to, found the jeans, went to the dressing room to try them on and .... could it be the color that I want does not have my size!  Ugh!  My initial thought was, "whose stupid idea was it to go jean shopping on their birthday anyway?"  But heck I got out and there was a store across town that had my size.  I came home knowing that the boys would be waking up soon and didn't want to be gone too long.  Once the boys woke up I got them settled on the couch with a little snack and I was planning to head out and conquer the jean issue. 
Oh little did I know...
Ki began throwing up.  He covered himself, the couch, the carpet and Michael was gagging something fierce.  I got Ki upstairs to the shower and began cleaning up the couch and had Michael start cleaning the floor. 
Hoping that it was a one time thing I brush it off and try to pretend like my birthday was not going to be spoiled by one barfing session.  Silly me - it was not just one, it was like four times and then Riah joined in on the fun too.  Needless to say my carpets are cleaned, my couch cushions are super cleaned and I think by about four the next morning we were done with the top end for both boys. 
Sunday was spent home strapped since we had sick kids.  I ventured out at one point to the local cloth diaper store to pick up a few back-ordered items of mine. 
Monday morning (aka - today) I was awakened by Ki at four.  He thought it was time to wake up and I was none to happy as I am sure you can imagine.  By six this morning I kicked him out of my bed and told him to leave me alone.  By six thirty Riah was awake and I heard a lot of noise coming from the boys bathroom.  A smell quickened my departure from bed... needless to say the boys bathroom got a thorough bleaching, the carpets outside the bathroom got cleaned and then Ki spent some time in the shower too!  Oh the joys of sick kids!
After getting everything cleaned from our morning mess Riah and I headed to downtown Denver to have some tests done on him.  I got back home by ten and Michael was off to work - a little reluctant due to the fact that Ki's bug seemed to catch him too. 
Now, here it is a quarter to four and all three boys are napping and it is getting cold outside and I feel a nap coming on myself.  So off to catch a few zs before evening routines are in full swing.