Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful Domestic Goddess

I am so physically tired and yet I am not sleepy! How can that be? I think the problem is that I can just not turn off my mind. I need to be able to turn off my mind to allow myself to sleep. Even my dreams the last few nights have been of me running from one place to another, trying to juggle everything and still be the beautiful domestic goddess that I believe is necessary. Yesterday was the epitome of it all. Yesterday I was trying to clean up my house as I was opening my home today for my MOPS group. Ki has been going through a phase (at least I am hoping that it is a phase!) where he is requiring my undivided attention when he is awake which is all but maybe 9 hours in a 24 hour day. So yesterday I was vacuuming my floors, holding Ki in one hand, yelling at Zeke to get out of the way of the vacuum (one of his favorite games is to play "chicken" with the vacuum), and talking on the phone with Vistaprint trying to get business cards made up for Mothers & More. How after explaining all of that can I wonder why it is that my sleep dreams are overwhelmed with juggling everything? I absolutely enjoy everything I am doing, I love being a wife to my husband, a mother to my boys, a friend to my MOPS group, a leader for Mothers & More - but how do I juggle it all gracefully and still manage to be a beautiful domestic goddess? Any suggestions?