Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Motherhood Life Lessons

In the last six months since becoming a mother of two little ones I have had to learn some rather hard life lessons. Okay, maybe not hard in the sense of learning them but hard in the sense of accepting them!
Lesson 1 - The chores will still be there, later in the day, night, the next day or the next! Don't sweat it!
Lesson 2 - My babies need me, not part of me - but all of me.
Lesson 3 - When the baby is not screaming and the toddler is not jumping from something - take those few seconds and breathe!
Lesson 4 - It is okay that I do not have the same body that I did before my babies! My body will recover when it is ready.
Lesson 5 - Everyone does not except my children to behave perfectly all the time - they realize that they are little and there is grace for children.
Lesson 6 - It is okay to wear the same outfit more then once a month. No one cares what I am wearing any way!